Ransomware Readiness

Are you ready for a Ransomware attack?  TargetProof experts help prepare clients for these cyber events through simulation and training to define the action plan in the event it is needed.  

Email Engineering

Is there work to be done in implementing technical controls in your environment?  TargetProof experts identify gaps and remediate exposure to risk inside the technology stack.

Incident Response

Are you a victim of Business Email Compromise (BEC) or Ransomware?  TargetProof experts can help mitigate the damages of cyber attacks by engaging the resources needed for the job.

Threat Intelligence

Effective security relies on intelligence to inform expert systems for decision support.  TargetProof can tailor solutions to align with any security program to improve threat visibility. 

Custom Projects

TargetProof consults with enterprises on custom projects to help accomplish greater security assurance.  Working alongside technology partners, TargetProof can help realize any vision.