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Firewall & Intrusion Prevention

Protecting the Network

TargetProof helps organizations to effectively protect their networks and systems from unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring that their firewall is functioning properly and providing the necessary level of security. By providing a full range of firewall management services, TargetProof is able to help organizations of all sizes to effectively manage their firewall and maintain a secure network.

Policy Creation & Management

Creating and enforcing policies that dictate how the firewall should handle different types of traffic is a crucial part of firewall management. This includes defining rules for which traffic should be allowed or blocked, as well as specifying any exceptions to these rules.

Network Segmentation

Dividing the network into smaller, separate segments can help to reduce the risk of a security breach by limiting the potential impact of an attack.

Security Updates & Patching

Applying security updates and patches on a regular basis helps to protect the firewall and the network from vulnerabilities and threats.

Firewall, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), and NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) are all types of security technologies that are used to protect networks and systems from unauthorized access and cyber threats.  NGFWs are particularly popular because they offer a higher level of protection than traditional firewalls, as they are able to inspect and control traffic at the application layer as well as the network layer.

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