Brief History

Founded in 2012

Started in the ATDC @ Georgia Tech in Atlanta

Built the Mirror

Self Assessment Tool for Email Security

Changed the Game

Redefined standard for email security with Identity Analysis


Thomas Stone, CEO


Tom founded TargetProof in 2012 to develop a better solution for cyber security.  Having led Sales teams at SecureWorks, ControlScan and VerSprite, Tom has helped hundreds of clients with their biggest security challenges.   

Mathew Kleppin, CTO


 Mathew built TargetProof technologies to be effective and easy to use.  Since 2013, Mathew has pursued the vision for social proof as a component of trust in developing the company’s software.

Sabastian High, CISO


 Sabastian defined the security program and rigor TargetProof technologies must pass before they become commercially available.   Among other responsibilities, Sabastian led product security at McKesson.