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With access to over 100,000 IT and Cybersecurity products, the experts at TargetProof can source technology answers for any Use Case.

End Point Protection

Laptop and Mobile devices tethering users to the network and cloud present crossover risk and require protection.

Security Awareness Training

Users are often the target of social engineering attacks that can lead to lateral movement inside the organization.

Email Security

The #1 attack vector continues to be email. Protect against BEC, CEO Fraud and Ransomware attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerabilities found in software and configurations lead to discovery and exploitation if left unpatched.

Penetration Testing

Core to most regulations, security testing validates the exploitability of a system through ethical hacking.

Data Loss Prevention

Controlling protected data from leaving an organization requires DLP policy enforcement across egress paths.

Cloud Security

Easy cloud integration policies leads to data sprawl which can be controlled with Posture Management solutions.

Identity & Zero Trust

Identity and Access Management tools are used to implement authorization and authentication for Zero Trust requirements.

Firewall & IPS

Extended network topologies supporting access to core business systems experience constant attacks.

Upcoming Events


Combatting Social Engineering

In this webinar, we explore the various tactics used by social engineers, and discuss practical strategies for protecting yourself and your organization from these threats. We will also cover best practices for detecting and responding to social engineering attacks, as well as ways to educate and empower your employees to be vigilant against these types of threats.


Consolidating Identities

As companies grow and open new doors to business, the ways into a company's data are more numerous than ever. Trying to balance authentication and authorization to roles can be 10x worse when using multiple vendors for Identity & Access Management. This webinar will cover the groundwork you can do before undertaking consolidation. You'll thank us later.


Securing Cloud Infrastructure

As more organizations move to the cloud, it is important to understand the security risks and how to properly secure cloud infrastructure. This webinar will provide an overview of cloud security best practices.


Advancing AppSec Practices

Join our webinar to learn about best practices for application security, including securing the development process, protecting sensitive data, authenticating and authorizing users, keeping the application and its dependencies up to date, and monitoring and responding to threats.


Scaling Vulnerability Management

Explore the full scope of vulnerability management as relates to different regulatory frameworks. Beyond mere compliance, the objective should be to maintain the security of your systems. This webinar will review the layers of vulnerability management with strategies for minimizing the window of exposure to risk.

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